Cursive G

How to write a G in cursive:

capital cursive G

Much like the cursive F, the cursive G is one of the scariest letters to face for kids trying to learn cursive writing.  It looks nothing like the starndard English letter G at all and that is difficult for some people to get used to.

cursive G

To draw an uppercase G, otherwise known as capital G, start by drawing a northeastern line and then loop it at the top to the left and back to the right and swing up to a point.  Then start back down and go to the left and pass through the original line.  Then hook it back through midway into the letter.  This can seem overwhelming at first but if you break it down into four parts like the illustration above you will be able to conquer it.

lowercase cursive g

The lower case cursive g is pretty simple.  Start by making a broad loop kind of like you are making a letter a.  Then swing down past the bottom line and loop through and back up even with where you started.

Take some time practicing drawing the capitla G and lowercase g.  If you already know how to draw a cursive lowercase r you could practice by writing out the word Greg over and over in cursive.

how to draw G in cursive

Tomorrow we will move on to the letter H.


Cursive F

How to write an F in cursive:

The cursive E was pretty simple but the curisve F is quite a bit harder.  It’s considered one of the toughest letters to draw in the entire cursive alphabet.

upper case F in cursive

To write an uppercase F in cursive please take a look at the F above.  Start with a line moving downward and slightly left and then swing it to the mid-line and then abruptly hook it back to the right just past the original line.  Then make a loop on the left and swing it back across the initial line an equal distance from the loop.  This letter is challenging so practice doing it over and over until you get the hang of it.

Now for the lower case f in cursive…

Take a look at the image below of a lower case f.

lower case f in cursive writing

Begin by making a loop from the bottom line to the top line and back down again similar to a cursive lower case l.  But go beyond the bottom line and dip below (this only happens in a few cursive letters).  Loop back to the original line.  Then draw a hook back out to connect to the next letter.

At first glance the lower case f looks tricky, but I think you’ll find it is easier to draw than you think.

f in cursive

The image above will show you exactly where your lines need to be to draw your f correctly.  As always, practice makes perfect so keep drawing your cursive letters.  We will move on to the cursive G tomorrow.  But for now try to think of words that contain letters A – F only and practice writing them.  For example, practice writing these words in cursive: ace, face, bace, bag,  and fade.

Cursive E

How to wrie a cursive E:

cursive E

Drawing the letter E in cursive is pretty simple.  The capital E, otherwise known as an uppercase E looks very similar to a backwards 3.  To draw the capital version just make a backwards three.  You can get fancier with it if you like by making a small loop at the top but that is up to you.

how to draw an e in cursive

The lower case e is perhaps the easiest of all letters in the cursive alphabet.  All you have to do is start at the bottom and make a loop at the middle of the line and then swing it back to the bottom and back up to connect to the next letter.

the cursive letter e

I think you’ll find the letter E to be very easy.  F is a bit trickier and we will learn that letter tomorrow.

Cursive D

How to write a cursive D:

The cursive C was easy but the cursive D is a little trickier to draw and write.

cursive D

The capital D or upper case D in cursive has a lot more jazz to it than most letters.  There are two ways to draw this letter.  One, you can start at the top left and draw a backwards C and then loop it aroun at the bottom and bring the line back up toward the top.  Two, you can start in the middle and draw a twisty line down southwest and then loop it around and make a backwards C.  Practice it a few times both ways and see which style comes the most naturally to you and go with that method.

Below, is another way of drawing an upper case D in cursive.  This is the way I prefer to write cursive Ds.  I start out with a line that goes southwest and loops around and back up and around and then has one final loop at the top.  You only need to press your writing utencil to the writing surface once using this method.

D in cursive

Now for the lower case d in cursive…  to start, you want to draw a line up from the bottom and then make the d just like you made your cursive lower case a only go all the way to the top with the line.

Some people tend to slant their cursive letters more than others.  Sometimes it helps to get a good flow of connecting letters.  But once again, that is just personal preference.  Take a look at the cursive d below.  Practice your cursive letters both ways and see what kind of slant works best for your style.

the ltter d in cursive

Tomorrow we will move on to the cursive E.

Cursive C

How to Write the Letter C in Cursive:

writing a cursive C

The letter C is one of the easiest letters to draw in the cursive alphabet.  It is very similar to the regular version of C for both the upper case C and the lower case C.

The upper case C in cursive is just like the standard version of a capital C.  You simply start drawing just below the top line and you make a circular or oval shape and end it just after starting up from the bottom line.  Some people like to get a bit fancier with the cursive capital C and put a loop on the top or a downward line, but that is just personal preference.

cursive letter c

The lower case c in cursive is just like a normal c only you lead into it with a line starting from the bottom line and going diagonally northeast into the middle of the c.  This helps the words to flow together without a gap between the letters.

how to write a cursive c

Practice drawing cursive Cs and connecting them to other letters in words.  Also try writing words where the c comes in the middle of the word.  For example, practice writing the word duck in cursive.  The more you write the better you will become at it.

Tomorrow we will draw a cursive D.

Cursive B

How to draw a cursive B:

B in cursive

Drawing a cursive B can be tricky for people just learning the cursive alphabet.  At first glance the upper case B and lower case b appear quite different but if you step back and look at regular bs they are actually quite similar.

This is how to draw an upper case B, otherwise known as a capital B, in cursive.

capital B in cursive

You start by drawing a line southwest with a slight angle.  Then you go to the top and make a 3 to connect the lines.  Then swing back with a small arc.  Some people connect the top and bottom of the slanted line while others start just below the top and finish just below the bottom.

Now, for the lower case b in cursive…

lowercase b in cursive

To draw a lowercase b in cursive, otherwise known as a small b, you start by making a vertical loop (much like a cursive l) and you bring it back up and almost connect it to the loop near the middle dotted line.  Then you swing it back out to the right so it can be connected to the next letter in a word.  Some people connect it to the loop and some people leave a small gap like the one in the image of the small cursive b above.  Like all the letters in the cursive alphabet, the more practice you do writing in cursive the better and smoother your letters will be, and good penmanship can make a great first impression.  That’s it for the cursive b.  Tomorrow we will draw a cursive C.

Cursive A

the letter A in cursiveAs promised, we will now teach you how to draw a cursive A.  The lower case cursive a is the same but the upper case A varies from traditional cursive writing charts to modern cursive writing charts.

Let’s start with a lower case cursive a.  The second image above is a lower case a in cursive.  You can make a circle or an oval and then bring a line down the right side and hook it up to the right so it can connect to the next letter in the word you are spelling.

Now let’s move along to the upper case cursive A.  Most people make an uppercase cursive A that looks very much like the lower case cursive a.  However, there are actually three versions of the upper case A that are very popular.  Some people make a capital cursive A just like a regular uppercase A but they curve the diagonal lines a bit and hook the right line around to connect to the next letter in a word.  As for the third version of the cursive capital A, take a look at the curisve A picture below.

capital A in cursive

This version of a capital cursive A is popular with logos, for example, the University of Alabama.  To draw this cursive A start at the top and swoop from left to right like you’re making a smile in a smiley face.  Then draw a line southwest and hook it to the left.  Then start at the top and draw a line down and hook it to the right.  Then connect it with a horizontal line from the outside on the left to the outside on the right.

I hope this has been helpful.  Tomorrow we will move on and learn how to draw a cursive b.

Learning How to Write in Cursive

Learning how to write in cursive was my biggest fear when I was in second grade.  But when I learned how to write my first cursive letter I had an enormous sense of pride.  Cursive writing was a big deal back then, much more so than it is today.  In fact, more and more states are now making cursive writing non-mandatory in elementary schools and are focusing on printing and typing skills instead.  I think that is a travesty and there is still a need for the art of writing in cursive.  With the lack of attention in schools I feel it is imparative that our children learn how to write the entire cursive alphabet on their own or with outside help.  That’s why I started this cursive handwriting blog, and that’s why I will continue to educate kids on proper cursive handwriting technique.  Time permitting, I will start with a cursive upper case A and a cursive lower case a and go through the entire alphabet all the way through cursive upper case Z and cursive lower case Z.   Please check back each day for new posts and I will cover each letter in detail.  Thank you and good luck with your cursive!

Here is a cursive chart you can reference in the mean time if you need any special help with any of the letters.

cursive alphabet chart

Most people have the most trouble with the upper case cursive G the Upper case and lower case cursive Q, the upper and lower case cursive S and the upper and lower case cursive z.  But just keep practicing and you’ll get them down pat in no time flat!