Cursive C

How to Write the Letter C in Cursive:

writing a cursive C

The letter C is one of the easiest letters to draw in the cursive alphabet.  It is very similar to the regular version of C for both the upper case C and the lower case C.

The upper case C in cursive is just like the standard version of a capital C.  You simply start drawing just below the top line and you make a circular or oval shape and end it just after starting up from the bottom line.  Some people like to get a bit fancier with the cursive capital C and put a loop on the top or a downward line, but that is just personal preference.

cursive letter c

The lower case c in cursive is just like a normal c only you lead into it with a line starting from the bottom line and going diagonally northeast into the middle of the c.  This helps the words to flow together without a gap between the letters.

how to write a cursive c

Practice drawing cursive Cs and connecting them to other letters in words.  Also try writing words where the c comes in the middle of the word.  For example, practice writing the word duck in cursive.  The more you write the better you will become at it.

Tomorrow we will draw a cursive D.