Cursive F

How to write an F in cursive:

The cursive E was pretty simple but the curisve F is quite a bit harder.  It’s considered one of the toughest letters to draw in the entire cursive alphabet.

upper case F in cursive

To write an uppercase F in cursive please take a look at the F above.  Start with a line moving downward and slightly left and then swing it to the mid-line and then abruptly hook it back to the right just past the original line.  Then make a loop on the left and swing it back across the initial line an equal distance from the loop.  This letter is challenging so practice doing it over and over until you get the hang of it.

Now for the lower case f in cursive…

Take a look at the image below of a lower case f.

lower case f in cursive writing

Begin by making a loop from the bottom line to the top line and back down again similar to a cursive lower case l.  But go beyond the bottom line and dip below (this only happens in a few cursive letters).  Loop back to the original line.  Then draw a hook back out to connect to the next letter.

At first glance the lower case f looks tricky, but I think you’ll find it is easier to draw than you think.

f in cursive

The image above will show you exactly where your lines need to be to draw your f correctly.  As always, practice makes perfect so keep drawing your cursive letters.  We will move on to the cursive G tomorrow.  But for now try to think of words that contain letters A – F only and practice writing them.  For example, practice writing these words in cursive: ace, face, bace, bag,  and fade.