Cursive G

How to write a G in cursive:

capital cursive G

Much like the cursive F, the cursive G is one of the scariest letters to face for kids trying to learn cursive writing.  It looks nothing like the starndard English letter G at all and that is difficult for some people to get used to.

cursive G

To draw an uppercase G, otherwise known as capital G, start by drawing a northeastern line and then loop it at the top to the left and back to the right and swing up to a point.  Then start back down and go to the left and pass through the original line.  Then hook it back through midway into the letter.  This can seem overwhelming at first but if you break it down into four parts like the illustration above you will be able to conquer it.

lowercase cursive g

The lower case cursive g is pretty simple.  Start by making a broad loop kind of like you are making a letter a.  Then swing down past the bottom line and loop through and back up even with where you started.

Take some time practicing drawing the capitla G and lowercase g.  If you already know how to draw a cursive lowercase r you could practice by writing out the word Greg over and over in cursive.

how to draw G in cursive

Tomorrow we will move on to the letter H.