Cursive H

How to write a cursive H:

capital cursive H

The capital H in cursive is similar to the standard English H letter, only it has loops and is a little fancier.  Start out by making a very small loop downward and swing it around and back down slightly slanted to the left.  Then move over about a half inch and make another slanted line that is parallel with the first line.  Then make a loop in the middle that connects both lines and swings back out to the right, ready to connect to the next letter in your word.

cursive h

To draw a lowercase h in cursive begin by running a line slanted from left to right to the top of the line and loop it back around the other way all the way to the bottom.  Then draw a line back to the middle and back down and then swing it back up to the middle line, like the illustration above shows you.  The lower case h is very simple.  Some people draw it with a flat line instead of a loop but it is much quicker and more fluid to draw it using a loop.  Keep practicing the letters you’ve learned this far.  By now you should be able to practice writing many words using the letters we have already covered.  Tomorrow we will move on to the cursive I.