Cursive I

How to write the letter I in cursive:

cursive i

How to draw the letter I in cursive

The capital letter I is one of the letters in the cursive alphabet that many kids can’t recognize when they are first shown the cursive writing chart.  However, the lowercase i is very recognized.

capital cursive i To draw an uppercase I in cursive start at the bottom left and make a loop all the way to the top line and back down and up to the mid line and then swing a hook back toward it.

lowercase i in cursiveTo draw a lower case i just make a line up to the middle line and then come back down and hook to the right to connect to the next letter in a word.  It is extremely simple.  Then put a dot just above the mid line like you would for a standard letter i.  Some people don’t make the dot but I never have liked that and think the i should definitely have a dot.

Tomorrow we will learn how to write the letter J.