Cursive L

Good morning class.  Today we will learn how to draw the letter L in cursive. In my opinion, L is one of the easiest letters to draw in the cursive alphabet.  Let’s begin with the capital cursive L, otherwise known as an upper case cursive L.

cursive L

To draw the capital L start at the midline and draw to the right and then up to the top and loop back to the left, all the way to the bottom and then make a loop to the left which swings back to the right and dips below the bottom line.  Take a look at the picture of the capital L above for a reference.  You should draw the cursive L without ever taking your pencil or pen off the paper.  It should be one fluid motion.

lower case cursive chart L

Although the upper case L can be difficult for some people, the lower case cursive l is one of the easiest letters to draw in the entire cursive alphabet.  To draw the cursive lower case l you simply start at the bottom line and slant a line up to the right and loop it back down and around.

cursive l

Tomorrow morning we will move on to the letter M.  Have a great day.