Cursive M

How to write a cursive M:

There are two ways to draw a capital M in cursive.  The first way is similar to the standard English capital M with the only difference being the letter curves outward in both directions such as in the image below.

upper case M cursive

The second way to draw an upper case M in cursive is to round the tops of the M instead of pointing them, such as in the picture below.

cursive capital M

The second version is also how to draw the lower case m in cursive.  The only difference is instead of drawing the M all the way to the top lines you only draw the m up to the middle dotted line.

lower case m in cursive

The lower case cursive m should only have two “humps” if standing alone, but if it’s inside of a word it should have three humps.  The first one acts as a connector from the previous word.  Take a look at the red line in this illustration to see what I mean.

cursive m