Cursive O

How to make an O in cursive:

The cursive O is one of the easiest letters in write in the cursive alphabet.  Take a look at the picture of the capital O in cursive below.

upper case cursive O

To draw the upper case O you simply draw a circle from right to left and when you get back to where you started you make a small loop and hook it back out to the right.  The end of the circle does not connect to other letters and is one of the few letters in cursive writing where it stands alone and doesn’t flow into hte next word.

The lower case o is also very easy.

cursive o in lower case

To write a lower case o in cursive you just draw a line up to the middle line, then make a circle, and then from the top of the circle draw a slightly hooking line that dips down and back up to the middle line, ready to connect to your next word.

lower case o in cursive

Now that you’ve learned the O you should be able to write even more words in cursive, including LOL which means laughing out loud.

lol in cursive

I hope you’ve had a good weekend class.  Tomorrow we will learn how to draw the cursive letter P.