Cursive P

Good morning class.  Today we will learn how to draw a P in cursive.

capital cursive P

To draw a capital P in cursive, start at the top line and draw a slightly slanted line down to the left to the bottom line.  Then loop the P around at the top to make almost a whole circle which connects at the middle line.

lower case cursive p To draw a lower case cursive p start at the bottom line, make a slanted line up to the right and stop at the middle line.  Then, draw a line slanted to the left down past the bottom line about a half an inch and then loop it back up and around back up to the middle line, and then loop it back around to connect it in the middle.  Finally, retrace the bottom of the circular part and hook your line back out ready to connect to the next letter in your cursive word.

cursive p lower case

Some people draw the lower case cursive p without a loop at the bottom.  It’s just personal preference.  If it is your writing style to use flat lines instead of loops you can make your lower case p like the one in the image above.  Just retrace the bottom line back up instead of looping it.

Tomorrow we will learn how to write the cursive letter Q.