Cursive S

How to Draw an S in Cursive:

The cursive S is one of those pesky letters that looks nothing like its standard English counterpart.

S in cursive

To draw an upper case S in cursive you start at the bottom line, make a nearly 40 degree angle slanted up and right and then loop it to the left at the top.  Swing the loop out wide to the right and then bring it all the back to touch the letter just above the original starting point.  If you are connecting it to another letter you will then retrace the end of your line back out and up toward the next letter in the word.

lower case s in cursive

The lower case s in cursive is similar to the capital S in appearance, only it doesn’t have a loop at the top and it doesn’t go beyond the middle line.  To write a lower case cursive s start at the bottom, draw a slanted line to the mid line.  Then start down for just a touch and then swing out to the right and curve back down to where you started.  Finally, trace the end of the line back out toward the middle line so you can connect the s to the next letter in your word.  If there are no more letters past the “s” in your word end your line at the mid line.

Tomorrow we will learn how to write a cursive T.