Cursive V

How to write a V in cursive:

capital cursiv V

The cursive V in upper case is very similar to the standard English upper case V.  The only difference is the loop.  Begin by making a small loop and then draw a slanted line down to the bottom line.  Then draw a slanted line in the opposite direction to the top line.  The capital V is one of the cursive letters in the cursive alphabet that stands alone and does not connect to the next letter in the word.

Unlike the capital V, the lower case v in cursive doesn’t really look like the standard English lower case v.

lower case cursiv v

To draw a lower case cursive v start at the bottom line and make a curved line up to the middle line and back down again.  Then continue the curved line in an opposite fashion back up to the middle line.  Finaly, make a small hook down and back up to the middle line again.  Reference the picture of the cursive lower case v above.  This letter is a little tricky so you will want to practice it more than some of the other easier ones we’ve been learning.  Tomorrow, we will learn how to write a W in cursive.