Cursive X

How to write an X in cursive:

uppercase X in cursive

To draw an upper case X in cursive begin by making a loop or a hok at the top going left and looping around to the right and then diagonally down to the right and curving out once you hit the bottom line.  Complete the capital X by making a diagonal line from the top down to the bottom left and crossing it in the middle.

lowercase cursive x

To draw a lower case x in cursive, start at the bottom line and make a curved line, curving at the middle line and then down to the bottom line and back up to the middle line.  It should flow easily and have an upward hump followed by an opposite dip.  Finish the lower case cursive x by crossing it in the middle, similar to how you did the capital X.

For some reason the cursive X is one of the most searched cursive letters because people don’t remember exactly how to write it, but as you can see, it is actually a very simple letter to draw.

We only have two more cursive letters to go and we will have completed the entire cursive alphabet for both upper case and lower case letters.  You should be getting excited to show off your new writing skills!

Tomorrow, we will learn how to write the Cursive Y.