Cursive Y

How to write a Cursive Y:

cursive Y

To draw a capital Y in cursive, otherwise known as an upper case Y, you start just below the top line and make a loop and then hook it around and outward.  Then back around and almost back up to the top line.  Then you retrace it down below the bottom line and loop it back around and back up to the middle line.  See the picture of a capital cursive Y above for a reference.  The upper case cursive Y is one of the few capital cursive letters that actually dips below the bottom line.

lower case cursive y

To draw a lower case y in cursive begin by making the same shape you made with the lower case cursive x.  Make a hump from the bottom line to the middle line and then dip it down and curve it back up to the middle line.  Then draw a line down below the bottom line and loop it to the left and back to the right, up through the letter just below the middle line and then slanted to the right out to the middle line, ready to connect to the next letter in your word.   The lowercase cursive y is a bit tricky and tends to give many students problems, so practice writing the cursive y over and over again until you master it.  Practice makes perfect!

Tomorrow, we will complete our cursive alphabet by learning how to draw a cursive Z.