Cursive Z

Today we will learn how to write a cursive Z and this will compete our cursive alphabet chart!  Congratulations on getting to the end of this 26 day cursive writing course.

How to draw a Z in cursive:

capital cursive Z

Unfortunately, when it comes to the cursive alphabet, it looks like we have saved the most difficult cursive letter for last.  The capital Z in cursive is very difficult to remember and doesn’t resemble the upper case standard Enlish Z at all.

To draw the upper case cursive Z, begin by drawing a small loop at the top which wraps around to the right and down to the bottom line and swirl it around with another small loop which dips down below the bottom line.  Then loop it to the left and back through just under the bottom line like you are threading a needle and draw a slanted line up and to the right.  Please look at the picture of the capital cursive Z above to use as a reference.   Even though it has multiple loops and parts the capial Z should be written with only one touch of your pencil or pen without lifting it from the page.

lower case cursive z

Much like its upper case counterpart, the lower case cursive z is very difficult to write and to remember.  Begin by starting on the bottom line and making a hump up to the middle line and back down.  Then make a second hump about half the size of the first one and extend the line down below the bottom line.  Make a big loop and then bring it back up and through, slanted to the right and stop at the middle line.  Practice drawing your capital Z and lower case z in cursive as many times as possible.  The more you practice the easier it will be to remember how to draw them.

You have now completed the cursive alphabet from A – Z.  You should be very proud of yourself.  You can now write any word in cursive you want.  The only thing to do now is practice writing words in cursive and keep trying to increase your penmanship and learn how to write in cursive better than you currently do.