Cursive A

the letter A in cursiveAs promised, we will now teach you how to draw a cursive A.  The lower case cursive a is the same but the upper case A varies from traditional cursive writing charts to modern cursive writing charts.

Let’s start with a lower case cursive a.  The second image above is a lower case a in cursive.  You can make a circle or an oval and then bring a line down the right side and hook it up to the right so it can connect to the next letter in the word you are spelling.

Now let’s move along to the upper case cursive A.  Most people make an uppercase cursive A that looks very much like the lower case cursive a.  However, there are actually three versions of the upper case A that are very popular.  Some people make a capital cursive A just like a regular uppercase A but they curve the diagonal lines a bit and hook the right line around to connect to the next letter in a word.  As for the third version of the cursive capital A, take a look at the curisve A picture below.

capital A in cursive

This version of a capital cursive A is popular with logos, for example, the University of Alabama.  To draw this cursive A start at the top and swoop from left to right like you’re making a smile in a smiley face.  Then draw a line southwest and hook it to the left.  Then start at the top and draw a line down and hook it to the right.  Then connect it with a horizontal line from the outside on the left to the outside on the right.

I hope this has been helpful.  Tomorrow we will move on and learn how to draw a cursive b.