How to Write Thanksgiving in Cursive

In the last cursive lesson we learned how to write November in cursive.

November in cursive

For this lesson, we will learn how to write the word Thanksgiving in cursive.

how to write Thanksgiving using the cursive alphabet

To write Thanksgiving in cursive you need to follow the same rules you do with all holidays.  The first letter of Thanksgiving should use a capital T.  The capital T will not be connected to the lower case h.  After that, all letters will flow and be connected together.  The lower case k should extend above the middle line but not all the way to the top line.  Both lower case gees should drop below the bottom line down to the line below that.  Your writing utensil shouldn’t come off the page until you are ready to dot the i’s.   Practice this over and over until you are really good at it.  Alternate writing the words November and Thanksgiving in cursive.

cursive Thanksgiving and November

Cursive T

How to write a T in cursive:

capital cursive T

The capital T, otherwise known as upper case T, is easy to write in cursive because it is very similar to the standard English capital T.  To draw this letter simply make a small loop and then draw a wavy line to the right about an inch in width.  Then go to the middle of your line and draw a straight line down to the bottom.  The capital T in cursive does not have a hooking line that connects to the next letter in the word like most cursive upper case letters do.

lower case t in cursive

Drawing a lower case t in cursive is also very easy.  It is much like the standard English lower case t, with the only real difference being the connecting line the leads into it and the curving connecting line that leaves it.  start by drawing a curving line up right and then retrace it back down and curve it out to connect to the next letter in your word.  Finish the lower case cursive t by drawing a line to cross it at the top about 2/3 to 3/4 the way up.

Keep practicing drawing these letters and words over and over.  That’s the only real way you’ll ever learn to write in cursive better.  Tomorrow, we will learn how to draw the cursive U.