Practice Writing In Cursive

Summer Break is almost here and it is extremely important that you practice writing in cursive over the Summer.  Practice makes perfect, and on the flip side, if you don’t practice your cursive writing skills over the Summer you are likely to forget how to write several of the letters.  So what I recommend is looking at the cursive writing chart and writing at least one word that begins with a capital letter and one word that begins with a lower case letter.  Make sure you do that every day.  You can start with the letter A and work your way through the alphabet.  Then circle back around and start all over again.  This extra practice will keep your skills sharp so you won’t forget how to write in cursive.

cursive alphabet chart

Here’s the cursive writing chart again for your reference.

Cursive Q

How to draw a cursive Q:

When it comes to drawing cursive letters, the capital Q is one of the most difficult letters to remember how to write in the entire cursive alphabet.  The reason for this is because it looks nothing like a standard English capital Q and it looks more like a fancy number 2.

capital Q in cursive  To draw the upper case Q in cursive start at the top of the line and dip down to make a small loop to the left and swing it back to the right and around like you are drawing a number 2.  When you get close to the bottom dip it down to touch the bottom line and loop it back around and dip down below the bottom line.  The capital cursive Q is one of the few cursive letters that extends down beyond the bottom writing line.  Dip it down just a bit and then hook it back up to the bottom line.

lower case cursive q  To draw a lower case q in cursive draw a circle like you are making a cursive a but then dip it down well below the bottom line and hook it to the right back up to the bottom line.  Then draw a slanted line to the right so it is ready to connect to the next letter in your cursive word.

lowecase q in cursive

Take a look at the picture of the cursive writing chart above with the lower case q underlined.  The black shows what the letter should look like when standing alone.  The red lines show how to connect to it from letters before it and letters after it.  The letter Q can be tough to remember, so if you ever forget how to draw it just come back to this page for a reference.

Tomorrow we will learn how to draw a cursive R.  Have a great day.

Cursive E

How to wrie a cursive E:

cursive E

Drawing the letter E in cursive is pretty simple.  The capital E, otherwise known as an uppercase E looks very similar to a backwards 3.  To draw the capital version just make a backwards three.  You can get fancier with it if you like by making a small loop at the top but that is up to you.

how to draw an e in cursive

The lower case e is perhaps the easiest of all letters in the cursive alphabet.  All you have to do is start at the bottom and make a loop at the middle of the line and then swing it back to the bottom and back up to connect to the next letter.

the cursive letter e

I think you’ll find the letter E to be very easy.  F is a bit trickier and we will learn that letter tomorrow.