Cursive D

How to write a cursive D:

The cursive C was easy but the cursive D is a little trickier to draw and write.

cursive D

The capital D or upper case D in cursive has a lot more jazz to it than most letters.  There are two ways to draw this letter.  One, you can start at the top left and draw a backwards C and then loop it aroun at the bottom and bring the line back up toward the top.  Two, you can start in the middle and draw a twisty line down southwest and then loop it around and make a backwards C.  Practice it a few times both ways and see which style comes the most naturally to you and go with that method.

Below, is another way of drawing an upper case D in cursive.  This is the way I prefer to write cursive Ds.  I start out with a line that goes southwest and loops around and back up and around and then has one final loop at the top.  You only need to press your writing utencil to the writing surface once using this method.

D in cursive

Now for the lower case d in cursive…  to start, you want to draw a line up from the bottom and then make the d just like you made your cursive lower case a only go all the way to the top with the line.

Some people tend to slant their cursive letters more than others.  Sometimes it helps to get a good flow of connecting letters.  But once again, that is just personal preference.  Take a look at the cursive d below.  Practice your cursive letters both ways and see what kind of slant works best for your style.

the ltter d in cursive

Tomorrow we will move on to the cursive E.