September in Cursive

Here’s how to write September in cursive.

September in cursive

Writing September in cursive can be difficult for some people just learning their cursive letters.  Like all other months, the first letter should always be capitalized.  So you will want to start by drawing a capital S.  The “S” is one of the upper case letters that does not attach to the second letter in the word.  It ends on the outside left area of where you began drawing the letter.  So draw your upper case S and then start at the bottom line for your lowercase cursive e and then connect each additional letter for the entire word September.   Finish the word September by crossing your lower case “t” at the end.  The only letter that should dip below the bottom line is the lower case “p”.  As always, practice makes perfect so keep writing the full word September over and over until you achieve perfect cursive writing.