Cursive R

How to Draw a Cursive R:

The cursive R is fairly simple compared to most cursive letters.  Take a look at the capital R in the image below.  I drew this cursive R in four pen strokes.

capital R in cursive

First, I started just below the top line and made a slight hook upwards.  Then I retraced my line down and went all the way to the bottom.  Then I retraced my line all the way back up and looped back down and around to just below the mid line.  Finally, I moved over just a bit and drew a curved line down and around.  The upper case R in cursive is pretty easy because it looks a lot like the standard English capital R.

The lower case r in cursive is also pretty simple.

cursive r

Take a look at the lower case cursive r I drew in the picture above.  To draw the lower case cursive r, start at the bottom and draw a slightly curved line up to the mid-line.  Then swoop it to the right about a half inch.  Then swing it back to the left and curve it back to the right and up so you can connect it to the next letter in your word.

Tomorrow we will learn how to write a cursive S.