How to Write Spring in Cursive

Spring is almost here.  This is how you write Spring in cursive.

Spring in cursive

When writing any season in cursive always remember to capitalize the first letter.  In the word “Spring” you need to capitalize the letter “S”.  Since the cursive “S” ends up on the left side of the letter after you draw it, you do not have to connect the “S” to the next letter, the “p”.  Start at the bottom line and draw the letter p and connect all the lower case letters ending with the “g”.  Then dot your “i” and you are finished.  Practice writing the word “Spring” over and over until you master it.  Then for extra practice, try writing the words Summer, Fall, and Winter in cursive.

Write November in Cursive

When you are learning to write the months in cursive, November can be one of the toughest ones to learn.  Take a look at the image below.

November in cursive

To draw the word November in cursive you need to start with the capital N, flow into the lower case o, follow through with the v, to the e, the m, come up above the middle line but not all the way to the top with your lower case b, swing back through with the e, and finish with an r that curves back up to the middle line at the end.

Since November has a “v”, an “m”, and a “b”, I would consider it the hardest month to write in cursive.  To master writing this word in cursive the best way to do it is look at the image above and write it over and over again.  Practice makes perfect.