How to Write Spring in Cursive

Spring is almost here.  This is how you write Spring in cursive.

Spring in cursive

When writing any season in cursive always remember to capitalize the first letter.  In the word “Spring” you need to capitalize the letter “S”.  Since the cursive “S” ends up on the left side of the letter after you draw it, you do not have to connect the “S” to the next letter, the “p”.  Start at the bottom line and draw the letter p and connect all the lower case letters ending with the “g”.  Then dot your “i” and you are finished.  Practice writing the word “Spring” over and over until you master it.  Then for extra practice, try writing the words Summer, Fall, and Winter in cursive.

Learning How to Write in Cursive

Learning how to write in cursive was my biggest fear when I was in second grade.  But when I learned how to write my first cursive letter I had an enormous sense of pride.  Cursive writing was a big deal back then, much more so than it is today.  In fact, more and more states are now making cursive writing non-mandatory in elementary schools and are focusing on printing and typing skills instead.  I think that is a travesty and there is still a need for the art of writing in cursive.  With the lack of attention in schools I feel it is imparative that our children learn how to write the entire cursive alphabet on their own or with outside help.  That’s why I started this cursive handwriting blog, and that’s why I will continue to educate kids on proper cursive handwriting technique.  Time permitting, I will start with a cursive upper case A and a cursive lower case a and go through the entire alphabet all the way through cursive upper case Z and cursive lower case Z.   Please check back each day for new posts and I will cover each letter in detail.  Thank you and good luck with your cursive!

Here is a cursive chart you can reference in the mean time if you need any special help with any of the letters.

cursive alphabet chart

Most people have the most trouble with the upper case cursive G the Upper case and lower case cursive Q, the upper and lower case cursive S and the upper and lower case cursive z.  But just keep practicing and you’ll get them down pat in no time flat!