Back To School in Cursive

The long Summer has come to an end and it’s back to school time!  For many young grade school students that means it’s time to learn how to write cursive.  We will be posting a tutorial of how to write all the letters of the cursive alphabet from A to Z including both lower case letters and capital upper case letters.

For those of you who have already learned the cursive alphabet here is an exercise for you to keep practicing your cursive handwriting.  See the image below and write “back to school” in cursive.

back to school in cursive

Start out on the bottom line and write your cursive b. The letters a,c, and k should flow and then stop.  The start at the bottom line and write the word “to”.  Your pencil should only leave the page to cross your t.  Then leave a space and start on the bottom line drawing your cursive s.  The letter s should flow into the letters c,h,o,o, and end when you’re finished writing the l.  Practice writing this phrase in cursive over and over until you have mastered it.